Campeonato Mundial Sênior de Canoagem Velocidade - Szeged - HUN
18/08/2011 - 21/08/2011
Informações Gerais (EN)


Athletes’ Eligibility Information

We would like to remind all National Federations (NF) about the Canoe/Kayak Olympic Games Qualification System 2012 rule regarding Athlete’s Eligibility for the Olympic Qualification Competitions and the Olympic Games:

In order for an NOC to qualify a Boat Quota Place for the Olympic Games, each Competitor must be eligible to compete for their respective NF and NOC at the time of the particular Qualification Competition.

According to this, at the time of the Sprint World Championships 2011, to qualify a boat and/or an athlete quota place for the Olympic Games 2012, each athlete competing for a National Federation must be eligible to compete for the related National Olympic Committee (NOC) at the Olympic Games (which means carrying the nationality of the representing NOC and respect Articles 41 and 42 of the Olympic Charter).

Therefore, at the upcoming Sprint World Championships, the results of the athletes who do not comply with this rule (i.e. at the time of the World Championships they are not eligible to compete for their NOC at the Olympic Games) will not be taken into consideration for quota allocation to their NF and NOC in order to participate at Olympic Games.

If one athlete in a crew boat is not eligible for the NOC he is representing, then the entire boat is not eligible and the quotas (boat and/or athlete) cannot be allocated to the NOC.

The eligibility criteria for the athletes to compete for a NOC at the Olympic Games are stated in the Olympic Charter, Articles 41 and 42.

Entries / Accreditation

The Organising Committee requires you to use our renewed online booking, accreditation and entry system . To use it you need to send an email to first. (In response you will receive a username and a password.)

The system will automatically display the next deadline you need to observe. Nevertheless the Organising Committee will surely contact you before upcoming deadlines so you can keep them as they are:

Preliminary Entry/Hotel Reservation: until the 15th of April, 2011
Boat Rental: until the 17th of June, 2011
Numerical Entry: until the 3rd of July, 2011
Final Travel Info: until the 29th of July, 2011
Nominal Entries: until the 3rd of August*, 2011

*the online entry system will automatically close down on the 3rd of August at 2400hours (CET)

(For help with the online system you can always contact the administrator directly at: or the Hungarian Canoe Federation (

Please observe the Canoe Sprint Competition Rules upon submitting entries!

Article 36.2.1 stipulates that “The entries will only be accepted from members of the ICF.” meaning that you need to verify that the ICF membership fee for 2011 is paid.


Board / Lodging

Participation fee / accreditation fee is to be paid for the length of your team’s stay during the access period which starts on the 13th of August (Saturday) and ends on the 22nd of August (Monday) when the services (listed below) are provided. For bookings outside this period please see the chapter on training camps.


Considering different categories as far as accommodation the participation fees are as follows:


Category 1 (*** and **** star hotels with A/C)

Price: single room 160 EUR/person/day
  double room 135 EUR/person/day

Category 2 (*** hotels and guest houses without A/C)

Price: single room 130 EUR/person/day
  double room 115 EUR/person/day

Category 3 (** and *** hotels, motels and guest houses)

Price: single room 110 EUR/person/day
  double room 100 EUR/person/day

Category 4 (* and ** motels, guest houses and inns)

Price: single room 95 EUR/person/day
  2 or 3-bedded room 85 EUR/person/day

Category 5 (hostel)

Price:   75 EUR/person/day

The participation fee includes the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals per day
  • Shuttle bus service connecting the regatta course and the official hotels from the day of your arrival, according to timetable
  • Accreditation fee
  • Right of common and operational costs of the venue
  • Medical care at the course
  • Security service at the course
  • Fully comprehensive insurance of the event
  • Access pass and parking for one trailer and one accredited vehicle (up to 3,5t)
  • Soft drinks / mineral water during the access period
  • Ice cream on competition days


The participation fee does NOT include:

  • Airport (Railway Station) transfer to and from Szeged


For teams larger than 3 persons arriving together at the same time we offer the transfer between Budapest and Szeged for 21 EUR/person/one-way. Individuals and teams of 3 or less requiring transfer should contact the Organising Committee for a custom price.

If case the exact departure time of your entire team will not be known by the time of accreditation the transfer fee will increase to 29 EUR/person for the return trip.

In case accommodation and catering are booked independently and NOT through the Organising Committee you are still required to pay the accreditation fee of EUR 35/person/per day from the day of your arrival which includes the following services:

  • Accreditation fee
  • Right of common and operational costs of the venue
  • Medical care at the course
  • Security service at the course
  • Fully comprehensive insurance of the event
  • Access pass and parking for one trailer and one accredited vehicle (up to 3,5t)
  • Soft drinks / mineral water during the access period
  • Ice cream on competition days

The Organising Committee can not be held responsible for the quality and price of individually reserved accommodation.

Please keep in mind that because of limited availability of hotel rooms in various categories reservations will be accepted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis which means your team will be redirected to a different category than initially requested if there is not enough space left in the required category.

The Organising Committee does not take responsibility for any extra service of the hotel, like minibar, telephone, parking, etc., these costs are to be paid directly to the hotel. In case your team would cause any damage to the rooms you are to pay for it on the spot or else our federation will send you the invoice for the cost of the damage afterwards.

Check-in time is 14:00. The rooms are to be vacated until 11:00AM on the day of departure. (Upon request the hotels will provide storage rooms for an additional fee.)


Terms of payment

The participation fees are to be paid in the following instalments:

30% by the 22nd of April, 2011

30% by the 17th of June, 2011

40% upon arrival


Bank: Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank
Account No: 10300002–50801762–26304888
IBAN: HU88 1030 0002 5080 1762 2630 4888
Beneficiary: Magyar Kajak-Kenu Szövetség
  1138 Budapest Latorca u. 2, Hungary


Please do not forget about the transaction fees. It is your responsibility to pay these extras when transferring money to our bank account.

The booking shall be provisional until the first instalment has arrived to our bank account hence the Organising Committee reserves the right to alter or cancel the reservation until that time. With the arrival of the first instalment it shall be a confirmed reservation. An updated pro forma invoice will be sent by the Organising Committee verifying the arrival of any money to our bank account.


Accepted methods of payment at accreditation

Besides cash (only Euros and US Dollars are accepted) we accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
We do NOT accept Travellers Cheque.

Cancellation terms

Should you cancel your booking, a charge will be made equivalent to any loss suffered by the Organising Committee, as itemized below. The amount of any cancellation fee will be calculated as a percent of the participation fee (minus the accreditation fee) according to the following period of notice given:

No forfeit if cancelled until the 8th of July, 2011

30% forfeit if cancelled in the period of 8-22 July, 2011

50% forfeit if cancelled in the period of 23-29 July, 2011

100% forfeit if cancelled after the 29th of July, 2011


All official participants of the World Championships are strongly advised to take out a medical insurance policy in their respective countries.

Medical care

The following medical services are available for all official participants of the World Championships: doctor on duty, hospital and clinic assistance. A medical centre will operate at the regatta course with ambulance and first aid. The costs above the regular first aid, ambulance and physiotherapeutic services are to be covered by your medical insurance policy, the Organising Committee is not responsible to cover your expenses in connection with hospital treatment, dental treatment or any other medical treatment.

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